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Colorado Medical Marijuana

Colorado Medical MarijuanaMedical marijuana can be used to help alleviate the suffering caused from chronic pain, nausea, glaucoma, and lessen the side effects from cancer treatments. It is an effective treatment and has been around for many years. A voter initiative to allow for the legal use of marijuana, after getting a doctor’s approval, was passed in Colorado in November 2000. The Colorado Board of Health has established regulations for the use of medical marijuana.

Amendment 20 as the initiative is called, offers Colorado medical marijuana users a defense from prosecution. This amendment also protects physicians when they advise patients or when authorizing a patient to be in Colorado’s medical marijuana registry. A state wide registry for patients and care givers has been put in place. To use Colorado medical marijuana all patients must get an Identification card. To obtain the identification card the patient must apply to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Colorado’s medical marijuana dispensaries are run just like any other professional establishment. They have medical doctors and are full service dispensaries, clinic, and general wellness centers. A visit to a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary is no different from a visit to any other doctor’s office.

Dispensaries of Colorado medical marijuana are meeting places of like-minded people. They offer a chance for people to support one another, discuss industry happenings, and to become a movement in Colorado. The dispensaries are part of Colorado’s community and they are involved in the community. Various levels of patient assistance and programs are offered by many of the dispensaries. They will assist patients and care givers in growing and suppling medical marijuana.

The Department of Public Health and Environment has listed a number of debilitating medical conditions for one to be eligible for Colorado medical marijuana. Included is cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. When diagnosed by a physician, a patient with certain conditions that may be alleviated by medical marijuana would also be eligible for Colorado medical marijuana.

Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries are professional medical organizations that help patients through the process of getting the identification card and provide the medical marijuana that patients need to help with their medical conditions.